Review: “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”



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Before Allegiant began, I sat in the theater nervous, anxious and excited with high hopes and high expectations. I didn’t care if it was or wasn’t faithful to the book, I just was hoping for an amazing movie. Also, most of the clips you see in the trailers and TV spots aren’t in the film at all cause they’ve been replaced with other shots or from reshoots. So it was like going into the film blindly in a way which made me cautious as well. It’s safe to say that Allegiant was truly AMAZING! It was very close yet very different from the book, but its okay and what they change works in the film!

First off, I REALLY loved the theater experience Allegiant had. Once the film starts you are completely swallowed into this beautiful world and when you go beyond the wall it really does feel like you are there in person!

The whole “Climbing up the wall” Scene was SO intense and so wonderfully shot and the part where Tris jumped down the blow up the generator was amazing. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of Insurgent although I did really enjoy it; but Allegiant really makes up for that unsatisfactory! Allegiant, I feel, is Robert Schwentke’s best Divergent Film!

Shailene and Theo SLAYED it in this film! They really brought Tris and Four to life in an amazing way as always and you can really feel the chemistry between the two. Miles Teller was amazing as Peter! I found all of his snarky lines so hilarious and funny which really lightens the mood in the film.Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 7.51.34 PM

Ansel Elgort and Nadia Hilker were awesome in this film! Though they both play very unlikable characters in the book, Ansel really made me like Caleb and Nadia really made me like Nita! Jeff Daniels did a phenomenal job at making me despise and hate David and I ended up conflicted in the end wondering if he or Jeanine (Kate Winslet) were more evil.

The new technology added for the film didn’t  bother me at all. I enjoyed the sci-fy element they brought to the story! The bubble ship scene where the drones engulfed our characters into “Plasma Globes” was a bit strange and slightly cringe worthy but wasn’t much of a big deal.

Towards the middle of the film, when Tris finds out the Bureau wasn’t what she thought it was and decided to steal David’s ship, I thought the flight to try and fly back to Chicago was handled really well and left me at the edge of my seat while I was watching.

I also really enjoyed how the film split perspective storylines between Tris and Four like in the book, and I felt their sides of the story were both equally leveled out.

The score by Joseph Trapansese was amazing and outstanding as always! The music fully sewed into the  action scenes, which were shot amazingly well, and created a great immersive experience. The actors all shined and brought something special to their characters, some like Keiynan Lonsdale (who really shines) got little screen time and I wish we saw more of Uriah in the film.  The script overall was amazing! They all did an amazing job at doing a difficult task of translating a book to a screenplay and they did an excellent job doing that! I hope they bring them back for Ascendant!



In all, personally I rate Allegiant a 4.9/5 stars and in a rating out of ten stars 9.9/10! I thought it really brought back the spirit of the Divergent films since Divergent and in a ranking, I think Allegiant would be slightly under Divergent if not on the same level of how much I loved Divergent.

If you haven’t already and you’re a fan of the series, go see this film. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t a faithful adaptation or not or if you “don’t like the films”, its all worth it if we get to see out favorite characters being portrayed on the big screen and we should all be grateful that Lionsgate gave us an opportunity like this which most other book series rarely ever get at all.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant is NOW PLAYING in theaters!

And the countdown begins for The Divergent Series Ascendant which hits theaters June 7, 2017!

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4 thoughts on “Review: “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”

  1. That is almost exactly how I felt. I felt so invergerorated after seeing this film. It was such a nice combination of Divergent and Allegiant. I hope they are still going to do the last one. I don’t know if the box office was enough for a sequel, but I think the fact that they can be even more imaginative, while staying true to our favorite characters will justify doing a conclusion that more people will like. I at least hope so.


    1. Yeah! And I’m sure Ascendant will happen either way. Its right now Lionsgate’s most successful film of 2016 after their previous box office flops of this year, and for a film that had barely any promo the numbers are pretty decent. Plus they have all the actors signed on or one more film which is why I also doubt they’ll cancel Ascendant


      1. That is a good point. I think Allegiant will be their most successful movie thus far and this year, especially world wide. Especially since, one big issue with the movie was it went so fast. I wanted to see more. I wanted it longer lol. Such a good adventure film. With the next one, I would do an original/new storyline from the book, with inserting some of the Allegiant scenes we do like (e.g. FourTris intimate scene) and keep the original Allegiant ending, but make it more powerful. Also consider making it smaller and more personal as these two communities are battling for power and independence. I could see fans who didn’t like the book would see the movie if they do a few story changes.


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