NEW Allegiant Trailer Tommorrow! 

Hey Initiates! Last week the official Divergent Twitter account recently canned they’re icon and header to with the date 11.12.15

Since then fans have been speculating what could possibly be coming for us on Novemeber 12, and Bill Collage, the screenwriter for Allegiant, conformed on Twitter that we will indeed be receiving a trailer Tommorrow!

As of now, the release times are unknown but I would guess it would debut at 11am EST like they’re precious trailers premiered on. And like the previous trailer releases we could surly get a new movie poster dropped Tommorrow alongside too!

UPDATE: the TODAY Show announced on Twitter this morning on November 12 that they will be premiering the trailer Tommorrow morning on the show! They releases a 6 second preview of the trailer as well!


So how exited are you for the Official Allegiant Trailer to debut Tommorrow?! And what do you hope to see in it?

The trailer will debut on  The Divergent Series YouTube channel!

The Divergent Series: Allegiant premieres on March 18, 2016!

“The truth is accepting the future”

(Allegiant tagline)


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